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Project Description

DotNetNuke® User Defined Table (now called Form and List) is a rich module for creating / managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc. on your DNN site. Table data can be displayed in a grid format or using xsl transformations.

Form and List plus 5.1.3 contains 3 more data types that supports basic document workflows. Multiple files with same filename can be saved into same folder. This is possible because each document is renamed before saved to target folder from originalFileName.origExtension to {GUID}.origExtensio, while originalFileName is stored into UDT table, so user can see always original filename on web.

Short description for new types

  • Document - any portal download enabled document type such as doc, docx, jpg, pdf, txt,...
  • ImageDocument - same as Document but only for image download types (png, jpg, gif,...). When visualized in table, can display as thumbnail. This is possible by setting normal Thumbnal size column property.
  • URLDocument - same as Document but can refer also to any URL instead of upload only.

All types displays own download dialog, MUCH MORE simple for users than standard horrible DNN upload control.

new 'Default folder' column settings

Form and List settings contains new property 'Default Folder'. This folder is mandatory for new types and new types uses this folder to save documents into. Folder can be any (file or database filesystem type).

all written in c#

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